Seasonal Calendar

This list gives approximate dates that fruit and produce are available. Actual dates vary from year to year, depending on weather conditions. Please call us for more current dates.

Hoshigaki (dried) Persimmons Hachiya Persimmons (soft)
Mandarins Kiwi
Lemons Walnuts


June 1 to 15 June 15 to 30
Early Peaches Red Haven Peaches
Red Beaut Plums Regina Peaches
Apricots Flavorcrest Peaches
Loquats Jade (white nectarine)
  Santa Rosa Plums

JULY back to top
July 1 to 15 July 15 to 31
Red Haven Peaches White & Yellow Peaches
White & Yellow Peaches Nectarines
Frontier Plums (red flesh) Black Amber Plums
Santa Rosa Plums Tomatoes
Gravenstein Apples Basil
Blackberries Blackberries
Chili Peppers Squash
Okra Cucumber
  Chili Peppers

AUGUST back to top
August 1 to 15 August 15 to 31
Fay Elberta Peaches Casselman Plums
Nectarines Friar Plums
Kelsey Plums (green skin) Kelsey Plums (green skin)
Friar Plums Asian Pears
Tomatoes Tomatoes
Squash Squash
Bartlett Pears Cucumbers
Early Asian Pears Figs
Chili Peppers Chili Peppers
Okra Okra

SEPTEMBER back to top
September 1 to 15 September 15 to 30
Apples Apples
Casselman Plums Asian Pears
Asian Pears Quince
Tomatoes Pomegranates
Squash Tomatoes
Chili Peppers Chili Peppers
Okra Okra

OCTOBER back to top
October 1 to 15 October 15 to 31
Apples Maru Persimmons (chocolate)
Late Asian Pears Hachiya Persimmons (soft)
Pomegranates Vodka Persimmons (treated)
Maru Persimmons (chocolate) Fuyu Persimmons (apple)
Hachiya Persimmons (soft) Late Asian Pears
Pumpkins Pumpkins
Winter Squash Olives
Jujube Quince

NOVEMBER back to top
November 1 to 15 November 15 to 30
Maru Persimmons (chocolate) Fuyu Persimmons (apple)
Hachiya Persimmons (soft) Hachiya Persimmons (soft)
Vodka Persimmons (treated) Hoshigaki (dried) Persimmons
Fuyu Persimmons (apple) Apples
Late Asian Pears Late Asian Pears
Pomegranates Pomegranates

DECEMBER back to top
December 1 to 15 December 15 to 31
Fuyu Persimmons (apple) Mandarins
Hachiya Persimmons (soft) Hachiya Persimmons (soft)
Hoshigaki (dried) Persimmons Hoshigaki (dried) Persimmons
Mandarins Oranges
Late Asian Pears Kiwi